“Dreamers” by Scavenger Hunt


Scavenger Hunt has slightly over 2,000 followers on Spotify as I write this – I’m honestly surprised it’s not ten times higher given the quality of their EP, “Scavenger Hunt.” “Dreamers” is a great example of a piece that makes me feel like it’s the 80’s again but, at the same time, sounds modern. I suppose advances in recording technology account for the updated feel. The title is important – titles that have strong imagery draw me to them. Dreamers is the sort of thought provoking title that is between major/minor, happy/sad, sort of dichotomies – a feeling I try to capture in much of my music. I’d love to hear thoughts on the key / scale choices that lead to this in the comments. It fits with the song. It is the music itself that carries Dreamers, the lyrics are a bit obscure – I do wonder what it is about. They’re simple and keep mind focused on the music, it works here, I think. I’m not surprised the Scavenger Hunt is LA based.

Here are my notes:

0:00 ** synth chord gives depth.  no kick on first beat for smooth intro. Highhat subdued

0:01 rhythm established with kick and high hat

0:02 ** punchy guitar – clean maybe phaser or delay. Possibly a way to modernize/retro-ize some of my existing guitar work.

0:07 **bass/snare based drum fill – louder bass drum overplayed at this point.

0:08 bass guitar low pass – similar to haim – this must be a good approach for this vibe

0:09 additional punchier synth over initial spacey synth – lots of texture – love this vibe

0:14 spacey keys in background perfect for texture

0:24 **bass drum only very effective verse technique.

0:25 **Very low pressure vocals.

0:30 Synth arpeggio: mix engineers seem to love having “texture” items like this to work with. I can’t decide if it adds to or detracts from the song, but it is interesting.

0:41 prechorus transition is managed by going to somewhat of a half time rhythm and adding an extra synth layer.

0:50 shaker to build tension for the chorus

0:57 need to dissect this fill. Simple fills seem to work o 80’s style songs.

0:58 crash to denote chorus start

1:00 ** punchy guitar returns, this is one of my favorite things about the song

1:03 ** extra synth sound in the background for more depth

1:15 ** “wordless vocables” some of my favorite songs have these







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